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A Biographical Sketch of Fashu Collier

MGHS 1st Permanent Sierra Leonean Principal



The Methodist Girls’ High School was blessed to have Mrs. Fashu Collier as the longest-serving principal. She is the daughter of very devoted Methodist Christian parents; her late father, Dr. J.G. Cummings served the Freetown community as a medical doctor for many years.

Mrs. Collier did her early high school education at the Methodist Girls’ High School and was transferred to the Annie Walsh Memorial School, where she sat to her school-leaving exams before proceeding to England for higher education. She returned to Freetown and took up a position as a teacher at her beloved alma mater. She taught for a short while before she proceeded to England for post-graduate training as a principal. She returned to Freetown thereafter to take up the position as principal.


Mrs. Fashu Collier is considered to be the first fully qualified African principal. She raised the educational level and introduced the commercial department which was most needed then. As a result, it produced excellent secretaries and bookkeepers who served in top government positions and businesses. The other academic disciplines were also improved with a very diversified curriculum and as a result, we can find MGHS alumnae in all walks of life all over the globe.


Mrs. Collier also saw the need for a residence hall for students whose parents did not work or live in the area and wanted a safe environment for their daughters, so she started the boarding home which was still functioning until the unfortunate fires that destroyed the building.


The teachers who served under her tenure worked diligently and with great rapport. Mrs. Collier was industrious, intense, and hard-working which in turn filtered down to the staff. We saw the school flourish both in form and substance.  The student body increased and so did the members and staff.

We pray the good Lord will continue to bless and protect her. Yes, Mrs. Collier with God’s help you have made your contributions to humanity and to your country Sierra Leone. Stay blessed! 


(Contribution by the late Mrs. Arimah Wadi-Williams; the late Mrs. Ayodele Wilson-Jones and Mrs. Megan May-Cole).  Culled from "An Afternoon with a Legend. Sunday, November 9, 2008"

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