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Message from the President – METHOGA


It is with great joy and happiness that I bring greetings to all Methogans,  and present pupils of our beloved school and all stakeholders of this great institution not forgetting our well wishers.      

Mine, Mine, Methodist Girls’ School
the High School for me,

Shine, Shine, always deserving our Loyalty,

Go, go, forward forever,

Grow, Grow, faltering never,

More gloriously

Mine, Mine Methodist Girls’ School
the High School for me.

We are indeed proud to be part and parcel of this school that has made thousands of women (both alive and deceased) in this nation and beyond; and we continue to see many more presently being groomed.

This school will continue to shine always for that she deserves our loyalty.

Her growth (which is reflective in us the products) will never falter but we will glow more and more.

Time will not permit me to celebrate all the generals that have served and are still serving the pupils that become proud “Methogans”.

May I take this opportunity to salute the present administration of the Old Girls’ Association for the good job they are doing. I know it is a daunting task but we have made it so far and we would continue making progress; to our Principals and Teachers, please remember that you are influencing lives that will shape our country tomorrow. I encourage you to please continue to serve faithfully.

I would not do justice to myself and my former school mates especially those of the tenth decade if I don’t mention our Mother and revered Principal Mrs. Fashu-Collier, (Aunty Fashu) who served our school so faithfully that at some point the Methodist Girls’ High School was synonymous to Aunty Fashu.  We thank God for you Madam. I know health cannot permit her to join us in the procession through the streets of Freetown on this our great celebration but of course we know you are with us.

To all past Principals and teachers who are still around that have molded the girls’ of the MGHS we pay our respect to you too.

Last of all, to all the “METHOGANS” here in Sierra Leone and the Diaspora I say a big thank you for a job well done and a Happy 140th Anniversary.


©Doris CRO Williams



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